John Ziegler Biography

After being born on March 28, 1967 in Heidelberg, West Germany, John grew up in Bucks County Pennsylvania in the little town of Washington Crossing. Graduating from Holy Ghost Prep (Bensalem, PA) in 1985, Ziegler was known for being captain of the golf team (he was Bucks County Courier Times' "1984 Golfer of the Year"). John went on to Georgetown University where he graduated 1989 with a degree in Government and a minor in Theology and Philosophy (which, all together, prepared John for almost no gainful employment).

John's career choice coming out of college was as a television sportscaster. While searching for his first on-air position, Ziegler tried his hand at several jobs in New Jersey (including a teacher/freshman football coach job in Ocean City), Virginia and  Florida. His first full-time, on-air job as a TV sportscaster was at the NBC affiliate in Steubenville, Ohio.

Ziegler left that job after two years in order to author a book about spending an entire year with a high school football team in Steubenville called, "Dynasty at the Crossroads". He then went back into TV sportscasting by taking a job at the Fox affiliate in Raleigh, North Carolina. 

Later, Ziegler decided to try to benefit from his controversial nature by going into talk radio. He quickly moved up the ranks from a tiny town in North Carolina, back to Raleigh, then to WWTN-FM in Nashville, TN. His career has brought him back home to Philadelphia however, and he did a daily overnight show on Philadelphia's WWDB-FM, then to briefly to WPHT and sports-talker WIP where he was a full-time fill-in host. .

Ziegler then worked in television on the prime-time program, "Its Your Call," seen weeknights in over four million homes in the Northeast via Comcast's CN8 Television Network out of Philadelphia. Ziegler won a regional Emmy for his work as a producer and commentator on that program.

In his spare time, Ziegler is also scratch/tournament golfer. In fact, he created the world-famous web site The First Church of Tiger Woods and  has qualified for two USGA Mid-Amateur championships.

In 2002, Ziegler returned to radio as the host of the mid-morning showon the legendary 84WHAS in Louisville, KY. His show was heard weekdays from 9 am-noon and quickly became the highest rated program in its time slot. John also co-hosted a successful prime-time TV show called "Yarmuth & Ziegler" on the NBC affiliate in Louisville. John Yarmuth is now the Congressman from Louisville, while, thanks to an extremely high-profile firing, John Ziegler is only allowed back in the city on special occasions.

In late 2003, Ziegler was hired by KFI 640-AM in Los Angeles to do a late evening show. Ironically, KFI is owned by the same company (Clear Channel) as WHAS. That show on KFI officially began on January 12th, 2004.

After starting at the 10 pm time slot (where he replaced George Noory and was called out on national radio by Art Bell before he even began), John's rating success earned him a promotion to the 7 pm shift in February of 2005.

There John replaced local legend Phil Hendrie (Phil soon retired from radio after his last show at KFI where his final character was John Ziegler, an act for which he was pulled from the airwaves) and immediately surpassed his ratings.

In 2005, John authored the book "The Death of Free Speech," and helped disrupt (for a second time) an O.J. Simpson autograph session in Los Angeles that served a major domino in the saga that would lead to Simpson finally going to jail. Ziegler was also featured in a bizarre, 23-page cover story for Atlantic Magazine by acclaimed author David Foster Wallace, a piece that would end up being the final chapter in Wallace's last book before he comitted suicide.

In 2006, John was given national credit for "breaking" the John Kerry "Stuck in Iraq" story that ended his 2008 Presidential hopes.

In 2007, John was named the 54th most important talk host in the country by Talkers Magazine. At the end of that year KFI and John Ziegler mutually decided to not renew his contract.

In 2008, John Ziegler wrote, directed and produced the documentary "Blocking the Path to 9/11" and created as a precursor to his next film, "Media Malpractice: How Obama Got Elected and Palin Was Targeted," which came out in early 2009. The "Obama Voter Video" for the documentary has been seen by more than 3 million viewers on You Tube.

The film created enormous news coverage thanks to an exclusive interview that John did with then Governor Sarah Palin from her home in Alaska. The DVD was released live on the "Today Show" and John was also a guest on "The View," Fox News Channel, CNN and MSNBC.

In 2010, the film was rereleased in major stores nationwide and via Video On Demand as well as on Netflix. In 2011, the film and John were featured on the E! Network's "True Hollywood Story" on Sarah Palin.

He has written extensively for both conservative and liberal websites, including Breitbart, The Daily Caller, and the Huffington Post.