John Ziegler Editorials

Date Headline
12/20/2000 The Most Outrageous Statements & Myths of the Florida Recount.
12/5/2000 If the Florida Recount had been a Football Game....
12/5/2000 25 Lessons of the 2000 Elections 1
12/5/2000 Random Thoughts on the Election Media Coverage
11/9/2000 Prepare for "WAR"/Election Thoughts
3/10/2000 Al Gore said WHAT???!!!
3/7/2000 Will a Fragmented Media Lead to a Shattered Nation?
2/29/2000 Why I Switched from Bush to McCain
2/27/2000 Similarities between Golf and Sex for Men
2/1/2000 Top Ten Signs that NFL players are getting too Violent
2/1/2000 A Nation that is off its Rocker
1/9/2000 King and Queen of the "Soft Balls"
1/9/2000 Final Thoughts on the End of the Century
1/9/2000 Headlines FOR the Century

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