John Ziegler releases his new book:

How Our Broken National Dialogue Has Killed the Truth and Divided America

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The Death of Free SpeechJohn Ziegler smashes through the omni-present facade of politically correct taboos as he exposes how the news and popular culture media has created arbitrary, biased, and illogical rules for determining what YOU can hear and say!

In his new groundbreaking book, "The Death of Free Speech", he details how in almost every major case of ?speech and punishment? in modern America, the guilty verdict was wrong and unjust!

John Ziegler takes a second look at contemporary incidents involving well known public figures. He blows apart the conventional wisdom that led to these well known people being unfairly penalized for expressing their constitutionally protected opinions and explains why others have been spared the same fate despite saying practically the same things!

Through his own experiences and others who found themselves the target of the self-appointed ?thought police? in the news media, John Ziegler takes an in-depth look at the issues that surround these controversies. He looks at the increasing corporate conflicts and legal restrictions being imposed on free speech, particularly when it comes to political speech, which came to the forefront as recently as the 2004 election campaign in the battle over the candidates' Vietnam War records.

John Ziegler exposes a media "matrix" that makes it impossible for the truth to ever be known by most Americans! But NOW, YOU can read the REAL truth behind this culture of distortion and lies!

"The Death of Free Speech" is a researched, objective, provocative, yet entertaining look at this important and underreported reality in American society.

There is no one better to tell this story than John Ziegler as he warns that our most cherished constitutional right is in grave jeopardy!

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