Internet Links

300 "Proofs" of God
A humorous look at how some people try to "prove" that God exists.
Analysis of Ramos/Compean Case
An admitted skeptic of the verdict evaluates the prosecutors claims.
Another JZ Trial Link
More bad coverage of JZ's trial
Blowing Apart The "Selected, Not Elected" Charge
How The U.S. Supreme Court Should Never Have Had To Decide The 2000 Election According To Democratic Chief Justice Of Florida Supreme Court
CNN Disgraces Itself
The Media Research Center documents the CNN/Iraq scandal.
Debunking Al Gore's Global Warming Science Fiction Movie
Read the other side to Al Gore's Oscar winning "Documentary" "An Inconvienent Truth."
Debunking Global Warming
Senator James Inhofe tears into the concept of Global Warming on the floor of the Senate.
Debunking The 9/11 Conspiracy Idiocy
If you are dumb enough to believe in 9/11 conspiracy theories please read this, if you are capable.
Everything you ever needed to know about the Iraq War
In case, like the news media, you have forgetten why we went in and why everyone agreed we should.
First Church of Tiger Woods
John Ziegler asks the question: Is Tiger Woods GOD?
John Ziegler Trial Link
Some inaccurate media coverage of JZ's trial. JZ never said he "hates LA." He hates his apartment complex.
John Ziegler/KFI Remote Photos
A fan of the show shares their photos of John Ziegler's book signing remote broadcast in Brea.
JZ Trial Verdict Link
Against all odds, JZ wins his trial
Leah Brandon's Website
Find out more about Leah and her horse rescue effort.
Lesson Plans For Teachers on 9/11Movie
Read the lame explanation for why Scholastic bailed on the movie.
Myths Surrounding The Birth Of Jesus
Why the biblical story of the birth of Jesus can't be true. Be sure to click on "Another Analysis" link at bottom of page.
Profiles In Courage
A List Of American Casualties In Iraq, With Short Bios, Updated Daily.
Santa Clarita Valley Youth Project
Kim Goldman's local organization helps troubled teens.
The Truth About Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 Movie
See How "Fahrenheit 9/11" Shouldn't Even Be Called A Documentary
What if Had Existed 65 Years Ago?
Hilarious and Dead On Parody of the Outrageous Ad Attacking General Petraeus