News About John Ziegler


Major News At KFI on Various Fronts

John Ziegler's old station KFI has made a lot of news lately, though not the type they would have liked.

The station's ratings have gone down since Ziegler was removed from the lineup. In the last three months Ziegler was on the air the station share was 4.8, for the first three months he was not the share was 4.1 (despite a huge Presidential election and California primary).

John's former news person Leah Brandon has left the station to take a morning job in Alabama.

John's replacement has been deemed to be so awful (the reaction of listeners has been universally negative) that in a desperate attempt to save the show he has been forced to accept a female co-host. Below is a link to an article in the Orange County Register that seems to "get it" about what frauds John & Ken are.

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