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When you sign up for the John Ziegler Show mailing list using the form above, you are sent an email with a URL to confirm your membership. Follow the directions in that email. This method prevents anyone adding your name to the mailing list without your consent.


Everytime we send a mailing out, there are a number of rejections sent back to us. This is usually due to people dropping their internet accounts, but often the mailboxes are full, or someone sets up an auto-responder (you should NEVER use auto-responders on mailing lists!).

Because of anti-spam methods employed by ISP's such as AOL, if an mailing is sent to you and it is rejected for any reason, that email address is summarily deleted from our list. That means if your mailbox is full at the time we send a mailing out, and it bounces, you will be taken off the list. This prevents any further complaints from your ISP.

DO NOT USE "AUTO RESPONDERS" or any such "I'm out on vacation" messages etc. with the email address you provide. WE WILL AUTOMATICALLY DELETE YOUR NAME OFF THE LIST IF YOU DO!

We hate spam, and we encourage any legitimate means to fight it.

Spam is defined as unsolicited bulk email. That means you didn't ask for it. When you sign up for The John Ziegler Show mailing list, however, you are ASKING for our email updates. We do not send out spam, nor do we use our mailing list for anything else except for John Ziegler Show updates. Please don't report us to your ISP as sending you spam when we do everything we can to act responsibly.